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Our Story

Saint Anthony Collection is for those with an eye for design, an ear for storytelling, and a desire to create a home like no other.

In honor of the patron saint of all things lost and found, we bring you one-of-a-kind and hard-to-find home decor from around the world, as well as the stories behind our discoveries. 

May you find what you seek.

Our Founder
Isa Flores is a lifelong antique and vintage collector who spent her days first in publishing, working for Paper Magazine and The Wall Street Journal, and then as a creative director for Young & Rubicam ad agency. Today she can be found burrowing through boxes at barn sales or frantically waving her hand at auction, all to bring you true conversation pieces—things that have a story to tell. Her love of history and design inspires every selection in our curated, eclectic mix of antiques, vintage pieces, artisan creations, curiosities, and surprises.