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Hand-Painted Wood "Bull For Sale" Folk Art Sign


Own the same ironic piece of Americana that caught the eye of its former owner, actress Diane Keaton | Originally found on a farm by Grammy-nominated collector & historian, Jim Linderman

Unwittingly humorous, this hand-painted wooden sign was first discovered on a Michigan farm by the Grammy-nominated collector and historian, Jim Linderman. Despite its humble start, the rudimentary advertisement eventually made its way to Hollywood. It fit right into the Southwestern-themed Beverly Hill's home of Academy-Award-winning actress, Diane Keaton. Now, with its days of glitz and glamour behind it, this charming and irreverent sign is ready for its next adventure.

Natural distressing hints at the sign's past with unmatched authenticity. Yellow and green flecks of paint peek out from behind its white surface and salmon lettering, suggesting that it was a repurposed board. Chipped edges reveal its exposure to the elements over time. Perhaps it was nailed to a fence post along a country road. There's no telling how long it took for that bull to sell. 

Creator/Attribution: Unknown
Style:  Folk Art, Americana, Rustic, Farmhouse
Origin: Michigan
Age: 1950s
Material: Wood 
Color: White, Salmon
Dimensions: 24" x 24"
Weight: 4.25 lbs.
Wear Consistent with Age and Use: Scratches, Chips, Paint Loss
References: Jim Linderman Blog
New York 

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